Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Counselor, Minister, Teacher,
Healer and Universal Peace Ambassador

I am the dreamer and founder of Mountain Spirit Co-Op and President of the non-profit Mountain Spirit Healing and Educational Center AKA: MsHec3 Project and an intuitive guide, spiritual counselor/minister with a lifetime of experience helping others feel empowered by Spirit. I use a variety of techniques to bring new perspectives to light for my clients, including energy work, meditations, crystal grids, quantum dynamics, oils, alchemy, channeling, past life healings, metaphysical techniques, quantum magic, high magic and more. I allow Spirit to guide me in each moment to achieve the deepest level of healing and clearest insight for the highest good, with harm to none.

Here is a brief glimpse at my journey so far. Since my earliest memories I have struggled to find peace amongst the pain in the world. Surrounded by the average loving, dysfunctional family, I was able to touch, feel, and sense – on many levels – people’s tortured souls as well as my own. To me it was like watching pieces of ourselves flop about like fish out of water. I have always been open to hearing the call of something more – never having lost that sense of connection we all come in with. Many of my childhood memories are of speaking with the many spirits that surround us, profound moments with Christ and Christ energy, levitation, and out of body experiences, deep and profound experiences with nature and beauty, being touched by beauty and spirit on a regular basis.

The ability to sense things in others sometimes horrified me, other times it broke my heart, often leaving me with a sense of hopelessness. Being born into a very strict Catholic military family, by the time I was three years old I had learned that I shouldn’t talk about the spirits I could see, hear and feel or the kundalini that was running through me, as it was made very clear to me that a straitjacket would be just around the corner.

Though I tried to leave life several times, truly the angels where watching over me. When exiting didn’t work I turned to drugs, alcohol and sex – anything to numb the pain of knowing of something so profoundly amazing yet being stuck in such a painful existence. It was more than my young self could handle, having only the tools of martyrdom and righteousness.

My imagination and the light I allowed to flow through me literally saved my life. I found that helping others gave me a sense of purpose as well as a peaceful feeling in my heart that I had done something to help bring more peace to this suffering world.

Through the next several years I never stopped searching for the answers to who I was, and my purpose here, and how to control the craziness around, and sometimes inside, me. I was in my late twenties when I stumbled upon some of those answers. I walked into a New Age bookstore where I rented a video that introduced me to Lazaris. I resonated so highly with what Lazaris shared. It touched me in ways that nourished my soul and spirit. His words were so kind and wise and fell from his mouth with such compassion that it felt like coming home.

As I melded, blended and meditated, I did the techniques and the changes in me were dramatic. Lessons began coming out of the woodwork and mastering manifesting was one lesson I learned well as I had plenty of practice: a house, a car, and $10k were all on my list to manifest. I manifested those, and so much more!

Now I look at my life as a journey of “Going Home”, to God, Goddess, All That Is. Opening to the more that my Higher Self has for me. It is my primary goal to be a conduit for Source, to allow that light and love to flood through me, sharing with as many as I can the divine spirit and the love of God, Goddess, All That Is. With practice I believe we can all sense that God spark within us. As a dedicated light worker, I work to clear myself of all that limits me from being an expression of love.

The motivation for opening the Co-Op in 2005 was to create a safe place of acceptance for all beings while offering an outlet for people to share their creativity and connectedness to spirit with others. The struggle I felt growing up, unable to feel accepted for who I was and the experiences I had left me with a desire to create a place where people of all belief systems could be welcome. Through respect for all beings our co-operative represents many different belief systems and religions.

It was amazing to see how easily it all came together with the help of an incredible group of founding members. Each member, empowered to bring a sense of their connectedness to something more as well as their many gifts and talents brought tremendous joy to the picture. All of us, worked together for a common goal, learning, supporting, and understanding each other at levels we had never reached before. A spiritual gathering place was born.

It has been with the work of many friends and light workers coming from all walks of life that we have made this dream a reality. A safe place to grow, share, learn new things, be loved, supported, cherished, to dream, heal, and grow as the beings of light that I believe we all are. As we dream, talented artists, powerful healers, and intuitive guides are drawn to the Co-Op. With each new member we watch the dream grow and expand with the additional positive energy they bring to the mix.

I now share the many lessons in metaphysics that I have learned over the last 30 plus years of study and doingness. Using dozens of modalities from numerous teachers and guides, both physical and ethereal. I work by being guided by your higher self and guides during your session. I never know what modality your higher self will choose. Sometimes, it is one I have never heard of or worked with in this lifetime.

I also hold classes, workshops and retreats. To contact me for a private session, or more information about my classes and events, please call (928) 420-2109 or email me at consciouschoicesaz@gmail.com. I work my magic by phone or in person. After all, magic can happen anytime, anywhere…

Dana’s Rates 2022
Sliding Scale for hourly session

$ 225 Session Under $120,000 Annual Household Income
$ 325 Session $120K-$340K Annual Household Income
$ 425 Session $350k-$499K Annual Household Income
$ 525 Session $500K-$990 Annual Household Income
$ 1000 Session $1M Annual Household Income
$ 2000 Session $2M Annual Household Income
$ 3000 Session $3M Annual Household Income
$ 4000 Session $4M Annual Household Income
$ 5000 Session $5M Annual Household Income

Continue to add an additional $1000 an hour per million annual household income.