Learn to Co-Create the Life You Dream Of

In this 7 week class we will hone in on the tools and principles that work together to co-create a life of purpose and joy. Learn to work with the valued self and understand how your thoughts, feelings attitudes and beliefs play a part in the life you are creating. Identify and Release the blockages that are keeping you from having what you say you want.


Learn the nuts and bolts of manifesting. Choose to understand how reality is created so you can take charge of creating it consciously.

Finding Your Purpose

Understanding ones purpose in life can inspire ones passion for living. If you’d like to build your desires for bringing more joy and fulfillment into your life.

Metaphysical Teachings & Intuitive Work

I am available for crystal grid therapy, metaphysical classes, and private intuitive healing sessions. I have over 25 years experience in various modalities, spiritual counseling and ceremony.

Movement Class

Move your body and get the blood flowing while honoring all the motions your body has been aching to make.

Crystal Grid of New Beginnings

Experience this crystal grid, created to give everyone opportunity to open their awareness and push themselves past the limits and boundaries that hold them back from claiming more of who they really are. We are all embers of light, searching for the wisdom that belongs to us all.

Metaphysics Mentorship

Six week class with workshops and individual sessions. Beginners to advanced welcome. If you have room for more happiness and joy in your life and wish to have help manifesting it, this is for you.

Holding Sacred Space

A few of the workshops available are: Trust, it’s Meaning and How to Create More; Manifesting; Quantum Dynamics; Ebbs and Flows of Universal Energies from the Lazaris Material; Finding Your Purpose; Meditations to Enhance and Heal Your Life; Creating Sacred Space and Incorporating it Into your Daily Life.