Let’s take a deep breath. Nearing the end of the year brings us such a roller coaster of activities, feelings, and emotions.

We have events to attend, events to hold, families of all kinds to gather and spend time together. Sometimes it’s the only time we can gather throughout the year.

Expectations rise. Often tensions rise right along. Time seems to race by and only the exceptionally organized might escape the harried question … can it all be done and accomplished without losing my mind?

Breathe, and breathe again.

The reality is that it will be done, accomplished, and eventually we will regain our minds, however much we may least expect it.

Grace. If we accept that all is well, we accept that the love we’ll be sharing overcomes any unrealistic expectations. In the end, gathering, being together and sharing our blessings brings us peace. And Grace. Let it continue throughout the New Year.

— Laura Nelson