Sometimes things appear in my world that look one way; then after contemplation and time they reveal themselves to be something totally different. Today was one of those days. In the midst of the unknown all kinds of fear base scenarios reared their ugly heads. As I breathed through each of them, as well as physically investigating if there was any truth to them, I felt very strong. I remembered that no matter what the universe might show me that I am strong enough to handle it. And it is a choice of how I wish to handle it. Will I choose dignity and grace or something else? At that point I chose to instill as much dignity and responsibility into the situation as possible. The unknowing lasted for hours. A friend called and supported me in my pause as I waited for the chaos to subside- good sign indeed. It turned out to be the lesser of any projected fear that scurried through my mind. Thank heavens. Even during the possible outcomes I was able to find gratitude amongst my sadness, fear and worry. And now I am feeling that gratitude expound into an even deeper more pleasurable sense. Gratitude makes so much difference in our world. Feeling grateful even when life is difficult or challenging can simply make all the difference in the outcome. I was reminded of this again today. As well as all the work I have done on creating new boundaries and beliefs, it really does show up in my universe. Lazaris, my dearest friend has a great tape on Gratitude if you would like to learn more about it, visit his site at go directly to the tape at

Wishing you a beautiful day,