Have you ever wondered if the “evil” in the world only exists to feed all of us who love to be angry? Perhaps evil coincides with the amount of hateful, spiteful, and hurtful anger we display so that it can continue to feed our need for feelings of righteous superiority, fear and rage. 

What happens when we stop feeling angry and hateful? What happens when we stop judging things as bad or wrong? What happens when we allow others to have differences of opinion without making them “less than”?

Would we have to open to understanding their circumstances? Would we have to be open to seeing their pain? Do you think it might trigger some of our own pain? Do you think our pain is perhaps already triggered and that is why we are angry? Maybe it’s hard to see others pain, when we haven’t dealt with our own?

It certainly hasn’t been easy for me to re-wire my brain. I still work on it daily, many times a day, daily. Sometimes I just bring myself back to my mantra. One of many mantras I use has me focusing on my breath in and saying: “compassion and peace”, then when I breathe out: “happiness and joy”. Some days I find myself focusing on this many times throughout the day, sometimes for hours. It keeps me from going into fear or overwhelm by focusing on what I want in my life and staying in the present, consciously choosing it while implementing my breath. As I breathe my mantra in and out I notice the changes taking place in my body. My shoulders relax, my back unwinds, my face lifts to a smile. My attitude shifts as does my day. I am now ready to allow miracles to rain down gently in my world. And they do.

Having asked my guides for help, they remind me to re-focus when I start to slip. I also use my conscious breathing and mantra when I catch myself judging others harshly or re-living the past. I believe that sometimes I re-play things in my head to come to some sense of peace around them. I allow myself this so I can have that release, and so I can understand, forgive, and change. Once I have done this procedure I then stop myself from rethinking about the issue and I let it go. I put love and light around the situation or the person in question, hand it over to my Higher Self and allow it to heal, and move on while I go back to my mantra. I stop letting myself dwell on things that do not feed me compassion, peace, happiness or joy. Forgiveness brings me joy. Respect, understanding and dignity bring me peace. Living in my spiritual adultness brings me great gratitude for All That Is. As I said, I work on it daily. If it’s important to feed your body healthy stuff why would it be any less important to feed your mind healthy stuff? We do get to choose what we think. Here is to choosing consciously.