You know how you can sometimes be so sure of yourself? I personally acknowledge it as the willingness to be wrong in the pursuit of what’s right, a certain knowingness. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I have all the answers, in fact, even in my personal boundaries I’m willing to release and pick up again from time to time, when the moment feels right. All I can do is stay present in the integrity I have established while working to expand it. Perfect (well, perfectly me in that moment), surely good enough, even when I fail or fall short of my goals, dreams or expectations of myself. I feel it is important to win, whether I do or not it is in my attitude, what I take from the experience is what makes me a winner. To become a better person, the best version of myself in that moment – no matter the experience. To do my best, yes, and to forgive and accept myself even when I fall short.

Working with a client last week I was asked about trust. Trusting the information I receive. It’s not always easy, that’s for sure. I do prayer work and meditation prior to working one on one with clients to open to the space of God, Goddess, All That Is and create a sacred space. Having worked consciously on understanding my ego as well as my guides for over 20 years – I have some fairly good perimeters on who is who. For instance, if I am left with a feeling of “better than” or “less than”, I know that’s my ego is at work… perhaps disguised as a guide, but not. It’s not a fail safe, I’m not perfect in the view of what that looks like to me, and yet I trust. There are so many lessons in life to learn. Sometimes those lessons come in forms or packages I judge as less desirable. Sometimes those very gifts are some of the most profound and rewarding experiences of my life. My experience has been that when I show enough humility to allow things to be different rather than staying in the “well-known” and “comfortable” box I am astounded. I have been gifted beyond measure, blessed beyond belief and I continually work to change those beliefs to match what I am creating – to allow even more.

Most times when I’m teacher or student I grow with grace and ease. Though I am often tested, each time I grow… It is an opportunity to once again flex my muscles and test my wings. Will I sail through? Or perhaps create a springboard to leap over? One of my favorite sayings that I wrote as a young adult is “Life is but a game of leap frog, who’s turn is it now?”. Meaning, we all learn from each other. We are all given opportunity to teach, to learn, to grow beyond our current limitations on life. By helping and supporting each other along the way with as much honor and respect we can muster… It sure has made it easier in my life. I still have my challenges as I suspect I always will, as I am choosing growth this life. What is growth without challenge? A four year old is perfect just the way they are, yet would you suggest they stop growing or expanding? Who’s to say that my limitations don’t inspire people to be more? I recognize the piece of God in many, yet I choose my own path, taking from them only what honors my path. There are many paths, they all lead home. Each path has opportunity for growth, I am just now choosing the path of joy and peace and appreciating the sense of compassion that I find along my way.